Vision Exchange powers active learning for Swansea University students

Technologically focused Welsh university has created exciting new collaborative teaching and learning opportunities with the help of our latest interactive AV solutions.

Unlocking the potential of active learning

Swansea University combines excellence in teaching and academic research with an enviable student experience. An award-winning innovator in the Higher Education sector, the Welsh university has partnered with Sony to enhance its teaching capabilities and explore the potential of active learning. The solution features a suite of technologies underpinned by the Sony Vision Exchange solution – creating a collaborative learning environment within the university’s state-of-the-art new teaching space.

Flexible, reconfigurable teaching space

Working with Sony and installation experts GV Multimedia, Swansea University has created two collaborative learning environments. A smaller room features four ‘learning pods’ of five seats each.

The larger second area is designed as a reconfigurable teaching space, equipped with ten pods with six seats per pod that functions both as a traditional PC lab and an active hybrid classroom. Pods in both rooms are equipped with Sony BRAVIA Professional Displays, configured with our Vision Exchange active learning solution. This allows students to share content seamlessly from their own phones, tablets or laptops on the displays. Similarly, lecturers can share content on the main screen at the front of the room with each pod. Specially designed tables in the larger space allow computer screens to fold down, encouraging students to work in teams and stimulating new styles of learning.

Positive feedback, fresh opportunities

Swansea University has been overwhelmed by positive feedback from staff and students: many rate the new space as ‘excellent’, with the potential to encourage new levels of social and peer-to-peer learning. By offering an ongoing training programme Swansea University is upskilling faculty members to help them explore the potential of active learning in a practical setting. Opening the room outside normal hours and at weekends also encourages students to work together on assignments, discuss research and share ideas beyond structured teaching sessions.

Understanding the needs of students and teaching staff

“We selected Sony after a thorough exploration of what the education technology market had to offer” states Jon Burnes, Director of Information Services and Systems, Swansea University. “Sony’s understanding of the higher education sector, its knowledge of the needs of lecturers and students, and its background in active learning are simply unparalleled.

“Combining the digital seamlessness of Vision Exchange and the physical flexibility of the space means our community of students and teachers can easily explore new ways of learning without needing to re-write their entire course”.